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Counties of Ireland Jewellery create hand-crafted jewellery and gifts made in Ireland. Each piece represents the place, the heritage, the memories and the culture of the 32 Counties of Ireland.

In Ireland there has always been a close relationship between people and place, and that each place has its own unique identity. With this in mind, we created jewellery and other items that we believe will represent each unique place.
We are proud to have designed each piece to be finely finished representations that will serve as a lasting and beautiful memoir of the wearer's sense of place. Our pieces come in boxes with the map of the County represented. It is the actual map of  the place thanks to Ordnance Survey Ireland.
The jewellery is available to purchase from this website and many outlets in Ireland and abroad. Please refer to Stockist list. We recommend these pieces as gifts for weddings, retirements or birthdays as they are popular keepsakes that give a strong sense of memory.
The company was founded by jeweller Soraya Ricalde and sculptor Marion Fink in 2012. We are strongly dedicated to hand-made, solid quality and a personal interest in our customers. You let us know your ideas, your wishes and we will do our best to fulfil them.
We are also giving other artists and makers a platform to showcase their work. All over Ireland, from the 32 counties. Enjoy the diversity and see the quality.
We invite you : Dedicated to products and customers with personal touch, that's us.