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  • Best Places To Get Deals On Irish Silver Pendant

    Best Places To Get Deals On Irish Silver Pendant

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    • 19 April 2016

    We provide handmade silver pendants inspired by the shapes of the 32 Counties of Ireland. Contemporary design and surface finishing offsets our jewellery as an exclusive product for the national and international buyer with an interest in Irish heritage and history. A piece of jewellery which reflects taste and concern of the buyer.

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    The Irish silver pendants show affection to the Country and you do not need to have Irish roots to appreciate these beautifully designed and finished pieces of jewellery.

    All pieces are made with highest standards of gold- and silversmithing achievements. The Irish silver pendant is more than a piece of jewellery, it captures the essence of the emblematic to become a visual piece of belonging. A statement piece, a conversation piece, as it is obvious only for the person who is wearing it.

    The maps of the 32 Counties are meticulously depicted in the Irish silver pendants. We manufacture all our pieces in our workshop in the North-West of Ireland. Greatest care is taken to provide the exactest possible outline of the 32 Counties of Ireland in these miniature maps.

    As makers we are proud to provide our customers with such an achievement. The pendant can be worn in many different ways and it will leave you with a lot of options on how to show them off.

    The irish handmade jewellery can be commissioned in gold and platinum also. We will need two to three weeks time to make this piece for you. It can also be personalized with birthstones and engravings.

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    We are happy to create pieces unique to your request. Two Counties adjoining in one piece? We have done it before. Ask us, we will design this one special Irish silver pendant for you. As we are making it ourselves we love doing one off pieces of jewellery.

    Should you wish a special piece, which represents your Irish connection, we are happy to make it exclusively for you or as a token for a loved one. We will help you with the design and we will execute the piece in time.

    All irish handmade jewellery come in a contemporary box with the depiction of the County as a map. The maps used are courtesy of Ordnance Survey Ireland, the National Mapping Service of Ireland.

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    Irish silver pendants are a gift for men and woman of all ages, suitable for birthdays, graduation, communion, retirement and Valentine's Day. They are timeless pieces with a meaning that offsets them and makes them exclusive. Handmade with love in Ireland to reflect belonging, heritage and memories of home.

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