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  • How To Spot Good Contemporary Jewellery Artists

    How To Spot Good Contemporary Jewellery Artists

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    • 20 April 2016
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    Jewelry is a medium in which artists at all times expressed themselves. In many cases on demand of a client, pieces of lasting beauty and value were created. The precious metal was used the same as precious stones and sometimes bone.

    irish artist jewellery

    The piece of jewelry enhances the wearer's appearance and can also explain the wearer's context. Statement pieces express the wearer's style and show connections to a certain group or even ethnicity's.

    Jewellery, at all times, indicates wealth and in the case of the maker, artistic power. The small scale of jewelry both challenges and inspires the designer to create work of beauty, spirituality, and creativity.

    The use of ancient, everlasting precious metal, like gold and silver, can nowadays be combined with contemporary materials.

    The use of modern technology allows contemporary jewelry artists new ways of working and manipulating materials.

    Individual pieces made by highly skilled people for a concerned customer who expects jewelry to be more than just a disposable item. Contemporary jewellery artists create pieces today which are going to be the antiques of tomorrow.

    antique artist jewellery

    An everlasting value unmatched by industrial production. A piece of art that will be handed down to the next generation as a memory of place and wearer.

    An heirloom piece which is kept in the family over generations to reflect the history of people and places.

    At the same time, old techniques get a new interpretation by artists. Engraving can be taken to a new level. The wearer defines the aesthetics of the piece and thus alters the meaning of the piece of jewellery.

    The artist's hand creates the spark that emanates from the object, tells a story and enriches the wearer's life in many ways. The piece can spark a conversation, inspire others and might provoke opinions.

    Contemporary jewellery artists express their vision in the piece and the wearer incorporates it into her or his stylistic choices. Jewelry as a piece of sculpture, an installation exhibited on a person, shown to the world on a sleeve.

    Expressing the designer point of view and the wearer's choices.  Jewel has become an affordable accessory and we are making sure that we invite the best, most innovative contemporary jewelry maker to work with us, to best serve our customers.

    vintage jewellery

    The work of all our contemporary Irish jewellery artists reflects the incredible creativity, talent, skills and effort that every maker puts into her or his work.

    Using ancient traditions of gold- and silversmithing designer are taking their work to cutting edge modern, stylish.

    Handmade can have a beautiful simplicity and an elaborate thought process behind it.

    contemporary jewelry artists take a fresh approach to many themes and materials previously used by gold- and silversmiths.

    Pieces with surprising twists, amazing combinations of materials and emerging new directions in jewelry making altogether. Building on the past, making new and lasting pieces.

    Bonus Tips

    Go with just one secondary color, and don’t overuse it. An accent color should complement your champagne dress, not upstage it.

    If you feel you can work the accent color well into only one accessory, the bouquet is
    an easy way to incorporate more. Or work the secondary color into a wrap if you plan to wear one during the reception.

    Beware of yellow gold, because it clashes with both champagne colors and can be loud and overpowering.

    Finally, when considering accent colors, give weight to what may look best as the primary color for your bridesmaid gowns and groomsmen accouterments. You want your supporting cast to look fabulous, too.

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