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  • July  Strand. 2015. Oil on canvas. 47 x 37 cm. Artist Tina Brooks

July Strand. 2015. Oil on canvas. 47 x 37 cm. Artist Tina Brooks

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July Strand 2015. Oil on canvas. Unframed. 47 x 37 cm. Artist Tina Brooks


Artist Tina Brooks: My paintings are based on observations of Strandhill peninsula and its weather. I use small scale Plein Air paintings as a primary source for further exploration on canvas. Studio Paintings are not pre-planned. I use a method of laying down and scraping off paint. Each layer and brush mark, informs the next. I repeat this layering and rejecting until I can locate myself and recognize the place and its weather. These paintings are an emotional response by me to Environment, place and time. For centuries landscape artists have looked to nature to better understand the mysteries of life, our relationship with nature and the human condition. Given our current position in the 21st century - climate change, global warming and capitalism's clamour for global resources - I feel the subject matter is more urgent than ever. 2015.

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