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  • Patches Memory Cot Quilt

Patches Memory Cot Quilt

Seller Name:Vicky Crawford
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Patches Memory Cot Quilt


Patches Handmade Cot Quilts and memory quilts are the ultimate in quality, heirloom gifts. They are beautifully crafted from 100% cotton fabrics and your special memories fabrics and lined with a natural unbleached, fiber lining. Making them naturally safe for baby and giving them a beautiful vintage feel. Patches quilts can feature babies first name and embroidered date of birth. They also have applique motifs worked into their design e.g. hearts, animals, stars. I can also add photographs to your quilt and handwritten messages. They are an additional cost. To make a Cot Quilt sized Memory Quilt I need 25-30 items of clothing if the front is to be made completely from your baby clothes. Smaller amounts of clothes can be used and added to complimentary fabrics. If your Quilt is to be made from a loved ones clothes I need 4-6 items of clothing. Please contact me if you have any questions. This quilt is approx. 120cm x 90cm Please include your return name and address and the name and DOB or message as you'd like them to appear on the quilt also a contact eg: email phone. Please allow 2 weeks from when I receive your fabrics to make your quilt. Return postage is extra. If you're in a hurry let me know I'll do my best to meet your deadline.

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